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June is National Safety Month!

Author: SeniorBridge/Thursday, June 15, 2017/Categories: News

This month, SeniorBridge is observing National Safety Month, a time to focus on staying safe in our homes and communities.

Keeping older loved ones safe at home is a major focus of National Safety Month. 

A safe home environment is critical for older adults, especially those who live alone. As our loved ones age, judgment can be impaired and reaction times can be slower. Some older adults forget to turn off stove top burners or ovens. In addition, older bones are more brittle and more prone to breaking after falls. 

To help keep your loved ones safe at home, you can check the following common safety hazards found in homes and take steps to rectify them:
  • Ensure that telephone can be easily reached and ringer is set to an appropriate volume
  • Ensure handrails are securely fastened
  • Change the batteries in all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Add extra lighting throughout the home and utilize night lights to help prevent falls in the dark
  • Secure all electrical cords out of main passageways
  • Remove any loose rugs/ carpeting or add nonslip backing
  • Set the water heater at 120° F or lower to prevent scalding
  • Consider installing doorbell camera
At Humana At Home, the safety of our clients is our top priority. Our professional Care Managers provide comprehensive oversight to assess our clients' health needs and potential risks, to help them see the appropriate medical professionals and take their medications correctly, and to help ensure they are safe in the home of their choice.

We have created a free toolkit to help caregivers track important information and provide more safety tips for older adults. Click to download.

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