Preventing falls.

One of the most common in-home hazards for elderly people is the risk of falling. Each year more than 500,000 adults are hospitalized for fall-related injuries – and more than 25% do not survive. That’s why preventing falls is a strong focus of SeniorBridge care.

Our Falls Prevention Program includes the following features and benefits:

  • Full assessment of in-home risks and related factors
  • Acute rehabilitation should a fall occur
  • Strength, balance, and flexibility training
  • Counseling to address fears and resistance to help
  • Devices to reduce risk and improve balance and safety
  • Holistic wellness service
  • Careful coordination of caregiver support for key activities 

Results: SeniorBridge clients have 85% fewer falls than unsupported seniors. They also have 80% fewer hospitalizations and 90% fewer falls than nursing home residents.  Click here to learn more.

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Accredited by CHAP

SeniorBridge is a private pay offering of Humana At Home.

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