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What People Are Saying


Care from Coast to Coast

"SeniorBridge made sure my mom was safe in Florida where she was spending the winter, then coordinated a seamless transition back home, where they continue to care for her."
– Barbara, Woodbridge, CT

Reliably Going Above and Beyond

"SeniorBridge has never let me down despite several intense situations that required them to go above and beyond to keep my parents safe and cared for. I am most satisfied with everything from case management to office personnel response."
– Richard, Melbourne, FL

Being There When We Couldn't

"SeniorBridge was such a blessing to my aunt at the time in her life when she needed it. I appreciate everything you did to get her help and your being there when we could not be."
- Bev, Fort Myers, FL

Staying Out of the Hospital

"My father didn't get re-admitted to the hospital when he was with SeniorBridge until the end when he had a stroke. He had been in and out of hospital and emergency room for the better part of 18 months before that."
-John, New York, NY

Supporting My Husband and Me

"Someone gave me advice that it's not good for a wife to be the caregiver. I was trying to do it all but I couldn't possibly do everything that was needed. My SeniorBridge team talked to my husband and me about each of our needs, made suggestions about what we needed to do, then kept in constant communication with me. I don't know what I would have done without SeniorBridge."
- Julia, Great Neck, NY

Providing Long-Term Care as Needs Change

"SeniorBridge has been assisting my father for the past 20 months and has been absolutely terrific. They have provided responsive, highly personalized services to me and my family and have been nothing short of a G-D send. During this very difficult time for me, my family and especially my mother, the outstanding staff of professional care managers and caregivers has done everything possible to make our lives easier. They have been extremely supportive, highly professional and most compassionate in every aspect of my father's care and my family's level of comfort. I cannot imagine how things would be, had I not been referred to SeniorBridge...they are truly our lifesaver!"
- Bruce, West Palm Beach, FL

Caregivers and Care Managers Who Understand My Dad

"The SeniorBridge care team makes it possible for my father, at age 88 with several handicaps, to live at home with quality of life, while making amazing progress. When I call him in the evening and he tells me about how good his day was and what he and his SeniorBridge caregivers did, it makes the whole world right no matter what my day was like. We know his SeniorBridge team will help us with whatever we need. They have coordinated the very best caregivers that suit his specific needs perfectly-- nurses and physical and occupational therapists are there when needed, and have all contributed to his successful rehabilitation. This is something for which my family and I could never in a million years express our thanks."
- Darlene, Melbourne, FL

Peace of Mind

"I feel comfortable that this system is in my home. I can still be independent and stay home. My daughter feels better about my security and safety because of these sensors. My daughter and I both have peace of mind".
- Humana At Home Member

All That and More

"Our SeniorBridge caregivers do everything expected, and more for my wife."
- Marshall, San Antonio, TX

Coordinating My Dad's Care

"There are just no words to express the peace you brought to the past year. I would never have been able to track the medical needs, doctors' appointments, special needs that arose, etc. from a distance. Thank you for being there and for being so great at what you do."
- J.S. , Charlotte, NC

Happy At Home

"I want to be at home for as long as I can and SeniorBridge helps me to do that. My clinical and home care teams are wonderful to work with and always take the time to listen to my needs. I wish everyone could have care at home from SeniorBridge."
- Jewel, New York, NY

SeniorBridge TeleCare Management

"I've had hypertension for a decade but that's not something I physically see impacting my body. Through the SeniorBridge Virtual Health program I found that the act of checking my blood pressure had the unexpected effect of reminding me on a very regular basis to chill out and take care of myself - even when my life feels busier than it ever was."
- Selma, New York, NY

Personalized, Hands- On Care

"As a long-distance health care surrogate to Dr. G, my close personal friend with diverse needs, I needed the assurance that professional, compassionate care would be provided. During the past eight years, I have not been disappointed. SeniorBridge presented a plan that could be implemented immediately, consistently provided caregivers that would fit Dr. G's personality and interests, and provided personal contact by phone to assure me that I need not worry when challenging situations arose. I was confident of the care being provided 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Most remarkably, my friend's primary care physician told me Dr. G would not have lived as long as she did without SeniorBridge's professional care management and caregiving all these years. A special thank you to the team of professional and caring people who made a substantial difference in Dr. G's life."
- Priscilla, Naples, FL

A Company that Cares

"I feel like somebody cares and the most shocking thing is that it's my insurance company. I never dreamed this would happen. I feel safer and I feel like I can go ahead and do my daily chores because in a way, someone is watching over me. Really makes me feel like somebody cares. I have to say that I have fallen twice and help came right away."
- Humana At Home Member

Someone to Trust

"I really look forward to my special time with my nurse now. I know that I'm the center of her attention and I'm not competing with others to get individual help on my time. I give her the best time to call and she makes an appointment with me. I love it".
- Humana At Home Member

Technology that Enables Healthy Living

"I feel more like I'm in control of my own health and that I really can do something to help myself. And the equipment is easy to set up and easy to use".
- Humana At Home Member