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Who Can Benefit

Individuals who want to make their home safer and more engaging for themselves or for someone they care about can benefit from home care and care management services.

Humana At Home member services and SeniorBridge private pay services can benefit anyone looking to learn and understand their options about home care and care management.  Whether they want to know immediate home care options, need help selecting a facility, want to learn about community resources, or are looking to plan ahead for themselves or others in anticipation of a change, we are here to help.   

Calling about someone you care about

We often hear from family members and professionals who recognize the need to better support someone they care about. These include: 

  • Family members and friends who feel a loved one may need care at home or in an alternative living situation 

  • Individuals caring for their spouse, partner, or adult child with disabilities who could benefit from respite 

  • Physicians who need help transitioning or supporting patients with complex medical or psychosocial needs 

  • Elder law, trust and estate attorneys who need a reliable assessment of a client's needs and/or assistance navigating thorny family dynamics 

  • Financial planners and other professionals helping older adults plan for future caregiving needs 

  • Bank trust officers with fiduciary responsibility for their customers 

  • Probate judges who need objective, professional assessments of a client’s needs, conservatorship, or professional care management for a case with an aging client or client with a disability

  • Employee Assistance Programs that work with caregiving employees; nurses, social workers, hospital discharge planners, and other health care professionals