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Why Pay for Elder Care

The limits of Medicare.

Historically, Medicare was not intended to provide the kind of extensive support required by elderly people today. Medicare pays for acute, episodic, and rehabilitative care as well as some preventive care. Long term care is predominantly paid for by private funding, long-term care insurance and for those without other resources, Medicaid.  

Even with supplemental insurance, Medicare does not pay for custodial, skilled chronic and supportive care to assist with daily life. Medigap supplemental coverage only addresses Medicare-covered services – not long-term care.  

That means most custodial and supportive care that older adults need and want as they cope with the challenges of complex chronic illnesses is paid by long term care insurance or private funds. 

How do private pay clients get billed for services?

Humana at Home private pay services – known as SeniorBridge in most locations - are billed on an hourly or per-day basis, with costs based on the level of need and preference or type of professional who provides the services. Clients receive invoices every other week, which detail all services and charges and can pay by credit card, electronic funds transfer or by check (with a deposit).

Every client we serve receives a complimentary consultation to assess his or her needs. We also anticipate and estimate the cost of care before any work is performed. Typically our process begins with a comprehensive 360-degree in-home assessment conducted by a care management team involving at least one licensed nurse and at least one licensed social worker who then develops a highly personalized care plan tailored to the functional, as well as medical needs and preferences of that individual and his or her family.

Free download: Understanding options for paying for long-term care 

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