Why do our employees stay with us?

It's simple: We have a culture that values both the clinical and human aspects of care. SeniorBridge attracts people whose passion is helping others. In turn, we do everything we can to help them succeed, advance and take their talents to the next level.

Ari Fozailow, RN, shares his passion for home care and tells the story of how he found his niche at SeniorBridge.

Ari Fozailow, Nurse Care Manager

Alyson Coffin talks about using skills from other areas to succeed as a Caregiver.

Alyson Coffin, Caregiver

Listening to Rowel Famy, RN, reconnects us to the meaning of the work we do for clients.

Rowel Famy, RN

Anthony Butler talks about why he's commited to SeniorBridge and how it has commited to him.

Anthony Butler, Associate Director

Eileen Zenker, LCSW, CCM, Regional Clinical Manager

From Hospitals to Home Care: The Life of a Social Worker.

Eileen Zenker, LCSW, CCM, Regional Clinical Manager

Elliot Aboagye

Going from Home Health Aide to Registered Nurse can be done. Take it from Elliot Aboagye, whose journey has already taken him from Ghana to SeniorBridge in New York City.

Elliot Aboagye, Home Health Aide

Elliot Aboagye

This is the story of Victor Dey, a caregiver whose passion for caring and eagerness to advance his knowledge have helped him succeed at SeniorBridge.

Victor Dey, Home Health Aide

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