Older woman looking distressed being comforted by a family member

Warning signs that care is needed

Sometimes people won’t admit they need help to stay at home, and others may be unaware that it is time for some extra help to maintain a healthy and safe home environment. Learn more about signs to watch for.

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Older woman with a cane who has fallen in her home

Fall prevention checklist

Falls can be dangerous, particularly for older adults. Here’s how to assess if you or a loved one are at a higher risk of falling and take steps to help prevent falls in the home.

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Older woman playing video game
Video Gaming as a non-pharmacological intervention for Parkinson’s, MS, and COVID

Video games are starting to become part of healthcare delivery. Learn how “prescription video games” are improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s MS, and COVID.

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Man receiving light therapy
Light Therapy for Parkinson’s disease: A non-pharmacological intervention with potential

Research has shown that nearly 65% of people with Parkinson’s suffer sleep disorders. But bright light therapy is illuminating a new way of addressing symptoms of sleep disruption and more. Learn the latest.

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Older man listening to music with headphones.
Music Therapy: A powerful intervention for Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis

Music is known to have healing properties, but research reveals just how strongly music can be leveraged to improve the lives of people with conditions like Parkinson’s, MS, dementia, and stroke. Learn the latest.

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