Older woman looking distressed being comforted by a family member

Warning signs that care is needed

Sometimes people won’t admit they need help to stay at home, and others may be unaware that it is time for some extra help to maintain a healthy and safe home environment. Learn more about signs to watch for.

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Older woman with a cane who has fallen in her home

Fall prevention checklist

Falls can be dangerous, particularly for older adults. Here’s how to assess if you or a loved one are at a higher risk of falling and take steps to help prevent falls in the home.

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Younger woman helping older woman up the stairs
Stroke Prevention: How Home Care Can Reduce Key Risk Factors

Stroke – the #2 cause of death worldwide - is often considered a risk endemic to growing old. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be prevented. Learn the stroke risks that can be reduced and how to reduce them.

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Healthcare professional helping older man using a walker
How medically directed home care facilitates post-stroke care plans

Stroke recovery has found a new ally in the form of telerehabilitation. Learn how telemedicine and other home care practices are empowering stroke victims to make successful recoveries.

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Physical therapist working with older woman
Stroke Recovery: Optimizing treatment plan adherence

Noncompliance with post stroke recovery plans is a serious impediment to recovery. But keeping people on track is possible. Learn more about how to improve treatment plan adherence.

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