Female healthcare worker standing alongside an older man using a walker

Accountable Care Organizations and the Private Payer Market: The Pivot from Volume to Value


The success of Accountable Care Organizations is bringing commercial payers into mix of healthcare organizations trying to provide better care at a lower cost. Find out why medically directed home care is perfectly positioned to make an impact.

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Woman standing behind an older woman in wheelchair

Accountable Care Organizations and care for the seriously ill


Nearly 1000 Accountable Care Organizations are caring for 44 million people in the U.S. Discover ACO strengths and see how medically directed home care can help address their weaknesses.

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Younger woman with arm around an older woman

How to Fill the Care Gap for Seriously Ill Patients


People who are chronically ill and homebound represent nearly half of the costliest 5% of all patients. This short article looks at how home care is filling the postacute care gap.

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“Hospital at Home” & Medically Directed Home Care Moving in the same direction


“Hospital at Home” care models are getting traction. So is medically directed home care. Learn more about how personalized medicine is entering the healthcare marketplace.

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Older person using a Control D 3 Ball Exerciser Respiratory Spirometer

COPD Biomarkers: Emerging Potential for Improved Treatment


Biomarkers are revealing more and more about COPD, emphysema, and other related conditions. This short article looks at recent discoveries in how biomarkers can inform clinical insight. Learn more now.

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Older woman wearing oxygen mask

COPD, Mental Health, And how to Stay with a Treatment Plan


Depression and COPD are a classic Catch-22: COPD patients often experience depression, and depression impedes treatment of COPD. Learn more about the relationship between mental health and COPD management.

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