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Depression, Anxiety & Cancer: Overlapping conditions that home care can help


Depression and anxiety often go together, especially for people facing a cancer diagnosis. Learn more about how medically directed home care can make a difference.

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Depression is a Predictor of Heart Failure: How home care interventions can help


Depression and heart disease are often linked. This short article examines the connection and defines how home care can play a pivotal role.

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5 Home Care Action Steps to Help Dementia Patients Cope with Depression


Depression may be a precursor to dementia, appearing well before the onset of memory and cognition problems. Here are 5 ways that home care can alleviate the mental health burdens of dementia – without medication.

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Shifting the Cycle of Dementia & Depression: A Care Manager’s experience


A SeniorBridge Care Manager experienced in helping clients with both dementia and depression offers some insights about mental health at home

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5 pivotal 2021 home care trends


Home care holds strong appeal for seniors who want to “age in place.” Here are 5 home care trends that are definitely worth monitoring.

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3 things to remember when planning home care for people who are chronically ill


Stroke recovery has found a new ally in the form of telerehabilitation. Learn how telemedicine and other home care practices are empowering stroke victims to make successful recoveries.

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