Older man in bed wearing nasal cannula

COPD & Accelerated Aging


New information is causing researchers to reassess COPD as “a disease of accelerated aging.” Learn about the most recent findings that may change the way COPD is treated.

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Older woman wearing an oxygen mask

COPD Care for Elderly People at Home: Empowering Quality of Life


With COPD cases rising, so is the demand for medically directed home care. This article identifies strategies for patients and caregivers to live with COPD.

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Abby Conway RN, BSN, MSN

COPD Care at Home: It takes a team


COPD is the world’s 4th leading cause of death and is expected to be the third within a decade. Learn more about the complexities of helping people with COPD stay home and stay safe.

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Feet on low intensity vibration machine

Low Intensity Vibration Therapy And the Battle Against Bone Loss


Low intensity vibration (LiV) can increase bone mass, which is good news for women facing osteoporosis. Learn more about why LiV works, and how medically directed home care can support its use.

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Older woman and younger woman walking arm in arm

The Role of Vitamin D & Calcium in Fall Prevention


Vitamin D and calcium can help prevent falls among older adults. But it’s important to understand the variables involved. Learn more how vitamin D supplements can reduce falls, fractures, and hospital visits.

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Hand of an older person on a cane

Wearable Fall Prevention: The Value of a Light Touch


which involve the sense of touch – have been used in gaming consoles, fitness equipment, and smart phones. But a new generation of wearable devices is bringing haptics into home care – and preventing falls among older adults

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