Healthcare professional providing meal to older man

Success of Home Care Dietary Interventions in Bringing Hypertension Under Control


Diet control remains a proven method for effectively combatting high blood pressure. Because of this, home care can play an essential role in getting older people with hypertension to adhere to new diet parameters and maximize their ability to remain healthy at home.

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Medical professional taking blood pressure of woman

Under-treatment of hypertension in people age 65+: 3 essential home care interventions


Hypertension is relatively easy to prevent, fairly simple to diagnose, and inexpensive to treat. So why is it the second leading cause of death among Americans – many of them elderly?

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Healthcare professional taking a picture with older couple

Interventions for mitigating caregiver burnout related to dementia patients


Family caregivers for people with dementia are sometimes called “the invisible second patients.” This article explores how to help them before they burn out.

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Healthcare professional talking with older woman with a mask on

COVID & Dementia Care at Home- Risks & Responses


Research indicates that dementia patients face elevated threats from COVID. Check out these risks and the best ways to respond.

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Dementia Care at Home- A social worker’s perspective


Hear how one SeniorBridge social worker faces the challenges of working with patients with dementia and why a care assessment is so important.

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Mother and daughter sharing earphones

Delivering nonpharmacologic dementia care at home


Dementia cannot be reversed, but there are home-based, nonpharmacologic ways to improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers.

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