Warning signs that care is needed

An older man in shadow sitting on the edge of his bed or couch

Sometimes people won’t admit they need help to stay at home, and others may be unaware that it is time for some extra help to maintain a healthy and safe home environment. Knowing and watching for signs that could indicate extra assistance is needed may fall on family, friends, or advisors.

Icon Mood

Has the elderly person’s mood changed? Do you see any increases in irritability, anger, sadness, or Auspiciousness?

Icon manage
Ability to manage

Do you notice any difference in their ability to manage daily life activities, such as medical care, bill payment or other routine activities?

Icon status
Social Status

Has there been any changes in the individual’s social status? (e.g.: impairment or loss of spouse, conflict with friends or family, signs of isolation)

Icon appearance

Is there any noticeable difference in the individual’s appearance? (e.g.: dirty or unchanged clothing, body odor)

Icon physical status
Physical Status

Do you notice any physical differences, such as weight loss, incontinence, or recent falls?

Icon impaired
Impaired Judgement

Does the individual have difficultly reasoning, communicating, or focusing?

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